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MolsivCN Adsorbent Co., Ltd., with nearly 30 years history, is one of earlist Chinese manufacturer and supplier specializing in industrial adsorbents such as Zeolite Molecular Sieves(ZMS), activated alumina ball, silica gel, ceramic ball and some other products. Our biggest wish is to provid worldwide clients the most satisfactory products with the best cost-effective price. 


MolsivCN runs under the requirement of ISO 9001. It is the only one enterprise in China to cover the whole adsorbent indutrial chain, including the development and production in upstream, as well as the marketing and transportation in downstream. We can truly guarantee "good quality and rapid supply".



Adsorbents, including Molecular Sieve and Activated Alumina, are widely used for different liquids and gases treatment. MolsivCN is a reliable supplier for  the field of air dehydration & purification (CO2/N2 dehydration, air compressor moisture removal, PSA/VPSA Oxygen Generation, PSA Hydrogen Generation, etc.), Natural Gas Dehydration, Petrochemical Industry Dehydration, Insulating Glass (IG)/PVC Window Dehydration, Pharmaceuticals Dehydration, Ethanol Dehydration, Refrigerant Dehydration, Moisture Removal from Plastic Systems, Water Treatment...





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