Activated Alumina Ball, Active Alumina


AA - Activated Alumina Ball

1. Description

Activated alumina is a type of alumina granules, which having many microporous channels and large specific surface areas.


So, it has the capability of absorbing both water and gases, as well as pole-molecular absorbent features. It can be used as sorbent, desiccant, aluminum oxide, catalyst and so on. And have a strong adsorption force for water, oxides, acetic acid, bases. It is a depth dehydration desiccant and adsorbent for adsorbs polar molecules.

The raw material used for making this substance is aluminum hydroxide which is dehydroxylated (dehydrated rapidly) in order to produce the activated alumina.


Activated Alumina by Shanghai MolSiv Adsorbent

2. Application

Desiccant series  

Dryer: It's used in high efficiency dryer for removal saturated amount water. Drying depth(dew point)can be below -70°C under certain operating and regenerating conditions. Normally used in compressed air dryer, the dew point can reach to minus 40 degree centigrade. Alumina here as a Desiccant for drying of air, liquids and gases. Filter cores: Production of filter cores in the refrigeration systems. The usage depending on the production process. Activated Alumina (some times non-activated alumina) to be required a good workability, similar pattern as scales, relatively high strength of the granules; high adsorption affinity for low traces of H2O.

Adsorbent series  

Water treatment to removal of impurities(Highly affinity for adsorption of As5+, PO43-, F-, Cl-) as below:

Defluoridating: Used for defluoridation of drinking water and other industrial devices.

Hydrogen Peroxide: It is a special adsorbent for hydrogen peroxide made by anthraquinone method.

Adsorbent: It can remove the metal ion impurities and metal organic compounds in hydrocarbon, it can also be used for the adsorption of hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide etc gases, and widely used in decolor purification of organic liquid.

Catalyst carrier series  

Sulfur Recovery: Used for the recovery of sulfur from acidic gas containing sulfur by liquefaction in petrochemical industry.

Zinc Oxide Desulfurizer: Used for the purification process in the manufacturer of hydrogen, ammonium and synthetic wood alcohol from natural gas, light oil, coking gas and catalytic dry vapor by conversion method. It is also used in the manufacturer of ammonium from heavy oils and coal.

De-fluoride Alumina
Advanced aluminas for Defluoridation of potable water --- Please feel free to ask us for more imformations.

3. Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

MolsivCN_Technical Data Sheet_Activated Alumina_TDS.jpg
MolsivCN_Technical Data Sheet_Activated Alumina_TDS --- Please feel free to ask us for more imformations.

4. Available Size List (Mesh)

Mesh  Particle Size, mm
7x14 Tyler  2.0 mm
1/8 Inch  3-5 mm
3/16 Inch  4-6 mm
1/4 Inch  5-8 mm

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