Special Molecular Sieve for a wildly useage!


MS - Special Type Molecular Sieve

1. Properties

Use special molecular sieve in the particular field to get a much better effect.


Our special molecular sieve product can be used in those industry area: Gas Purification (removal sulfur component), Refrigerant, Biofuel (ethanol dydration), Automobile (air break), Insulating Glass, Pharmaceutical Industry (water-proof packing), Paint & Coating, …

Because of high quality, high efficiency and low consumption, MolsivCN Molecular Sieves have been widely applied in these industries.


Because of high quality, high efficiency and low consumption, Hengye Molecular Sieves have been widely applied in these industries. 

2. Avaliable model

4A-A   Molecular Sieve For Automobile
3A-E   Molecular Sieve For Ethanol Dehydration
3A-IG   Molecular Sieve For Insulating Glass
5A-H   Molecular Sieve For Hydrogen Purification
3A-IG   Molecular Sieve For Insulating Glass
5A-O   Molecular Sieve For Oxygen Generation
3A-R   Molecular Sieve For Refrigerant

  Molecular Sieve For Desulfurization &

  Molecular Sieve Deodorization



MolsivCN provides you equivalent molsiv products to reduce your purchase cost, but maintains the Performance.
Variety molecular sieve equivalent

3. Recommendations

Adsorbent product must be stored in a dry location to prevent pre-adsorption of water and some other impurities. 

Zeolite Molecular Sieve packages when opened should be resealed to prevent contamination of the product. Whenever possible, rotate stock to use oldest material first. If stored properly, this product have an indefinite shelf life, however, material packaged in Super Sacks should be retested for Total Volatiles after 12 months. Material in Drums should be retested after 36 months. 
The Zeolite Molecular Sieve product should be regenerated after a certain period of adsorption. The appropriate regenerated temperature would be better below 330℃. 

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