Molsiv Adsorbent



Microporous materials such as Molecular Sieve and Activated Alumina Balls as the main adsorption and separation materials, plays an increasingly important role in oil processing, petrochemical, fine chemical and daily chemical industry.


In the next 20 years, with the development in chemical intermediates and fine chemicals, and the growth in oil processing, petrochemical industry and other traditional areas, porous materials will further develop in the field of adsorption and separation.


Molecular Sieve is one kind of synthetic zeolite with numerous pores of precise and uniform size. Molecular Sieves only adsorb chemicals whose molecular diameter smaller than their pore size. According to the pore size, Molecular Sieves are generally classified to Molecular Sieve 3A, Molecular Sieve 4A, Molecular Sieve 5A, Molecular Sieve 13X, etc.


Activated Alumina is one kind of compound material with high surface area, usually working as desiccant to remove moisture/water to keep material dry (eg compressed air dehydraion), as adorbent to adsorb fluoride, arsenic and selenium in drinking water, as catalyst to removal sulfur from gas stream (Claus Catalyst). 

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