Activated Alumina Desiccant


AA-Desiccant Class


Activated Alumina for air & gas drying:

Activated alumina, uses a process called adsorption to dry air and gasses. As the air passes through the alumina, the water molecules become stuck to the alumina. The small passages keep the water, therefore, drying out the air as it passes. If the activated alumina is heated to approx 200°C, it will release the mostly water molecules so it can be used over and over.


This grade Activated Alumina is mainly used in deep drying compressed air to the dew point reached to -40°C to -70°C (depending on the operating conditions and regeneration conditions mainly). 


Especially recommend applied in the heatless regeneration PSA air dryer systems. Compare to the China other competitor's Alumina, this product have higher pore volume and specific surface area, to make sure the higher adsorption capacity and lower product gas dew points.



Molsiv Activated Alumina


MolsivCN Active Alumina(AA) is a granular activated alumina based on a unique process. The crystal structure is mainly Rho Alumina(ρ-Al2O3 ). MolsivCN AA is destined for several applications in the field of adsorptions and catalysis.

Specific features of MolsivCN® AA are:

•  specific adsorption capacity: H2O adsorption > 18% at RH60%

    (Relative Humidity), typical 19-20 wt.%;

•  large specific surface area: standard >300m2/g, typical 330-360;

•  high pore volume: Total pore volume >0.35cm³/g, typical 0.4cm³/g

•  defined pore size distribution:

•  higher crushing strength:

•  lower dust formation: lower pressure drop using same granule sizes


There are a number of advantages associated with activated alumina:

  • It is made up of robust material that will not deteriorate no matter how often it is used.
  • It provides 1000 gallons of water at the most cost effective rates and has a high capacity. High adsorption affinity for low traces of H2O.
  • It is a certified product by CHINA HG/T 3927-2007 standard and has completed an EPA/ETA project.
  • Its disposability is extremely simple-can be land filled without causing any hazardous wastes.


  1. In order to avoid moisture pre-adsorption to affect the use effect, do not open the packing before use;
  2. This product is suitable for the deep drying, as use condition with pressure greater than 5 bar as possible;
  3. After a certain period of process, the adsorption performance will gradually decline. In order to use repeatedly, should through the regeneration to removal water by adsorption.


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