Activated Alumina


AA-Adsorbent Class


Fluoride/Chloride Purification: This grade product can removal fluoride/chloride significantly, can be used as defluorination in drinking water or other industrial devices of removal fluoride or purification of hydrocarbons streams via selective adsorption of polar contaminants. 

 Arsenic Removal:


Decoloration: This type product is white powder, it is with a special structure of alumina adsorbent. The special alumina is used in product antibiotic solution decoloring process. 


Hydrogen Peroxide Purification


Hydrogen Sulfide Removal:


① In order to avoid moisture pre-adsorption to affect the use effect, do not open the packing before use;

② This product is suitable for the deep drying, as use condition with pressure greater than 5 bar as possible;

③ After a certain period of process, the adsorption performance will gradually decline. In order to use repeatedly, should through the regeneration to removal water by adsorption.

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