Coal Activated Carbon

Coal Activated Carbon by Shanghai MolSiv Adsorbent

This product uses high quality coal as raw material. It is carefully made by advanced technological equipments. It looks like some columnar dull-black granules or adventitious granular. It is a kind of activated charcoal with many characteristics. It has big specific surface area, suitable hole structure and high mechanical strength. It can withstand high temperatures and high pressures. It can not easily be tattered. It can be easily regenerated. It has a long using lifetime, and is widely used in purification, decolourant, dechlorination, desmelling, deoilation of industry using water and waste water treatment, super pure watermaking in electronics and pharmacy, water-purification in food industry and removing organic matter and colored molecule.


Packing: 25kgs/plastic bag inner film


Test standard: National standard of wooden activated carbon GB/T7702-2008