X type Molecular Sieve uesd in air separation to removal water and carbon dioxide efficiently.


MS - X TYPE Molecular Sieves

1. Properties

A main component of X-type molecular sieve is aluminosilicate, silicon-oxy and alumina tetrahedron to form a FAU-type structure, the main crystal structure is twelve membered ring.

In molecular sieve 13X, sodium ion formation with a pore opening of 9-10Å (1Å=1×10-10m), that is type 13X (also known as NaX-type) molecular sieve.


TYPE Molecular Sieve 13X
Pore size 10 Angstrom
Moleculars Excluded Effective diameter >10Å, ie (C4F9)3N


NOTE: Commercial gas drying, air sepration plant feed gas purification (simultaneous H2O and CO2 removal) and liquid hydrocarbon/natural gas sweetening (H2S and high MW mercaptan removal).

2. Avaliable model

Molecular Sieve Beads Pellets
8×12 Mesh 6×8 Mesh 4×8 Mesh 1/16 Inch 1/8 Inch






Beads Pellets







 1/16 Inch


1/8 Inch


3. Recommendations

Adsorbent product must be stored in a dry location to prevent pre-adsorption of water and some other impurities. 

Zeolite Molecular Sieve packages when opened should be resealed to prevent contamination of the product. Whenever possible, rotate stock to use oldest material first. If stored properly, this product have an indefinite shelf life, however, material packaged in Super Sacks should be retested for Total Volatiles after 12 months. Material in Drums should be retested after 36 months. 
The Zeolite Molecular Sieve product should be regenerated after a certain period of adsorption. The appropriate regenerated temperature would be better below 330℃. 

4. Data Sheet sample

MolsivCN 13X-Type Molecular Sieves Specification Technical Data Sheet(TDS)
13X Pellets Molecular Sieve Adsorbent Specification --- Pls feel free to ask us for more imformations.

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